8 Places Marijuana Smokers Will Enjoy in New York 

 July 29, 2022



New York legalized the use of recreational marijuana last year in 2021, but they have not rolled out the regulations system yet. This makes the state a little bit fuzzy and unorganized when it comes to what’s okay and what’s not.


It also can be difficult to understand where it is okay to smoke and where it is not. For example, you may want to go outside and go for a little walk in the park, but unfortunately, those are off-limits. So with beaches and pools off-limits, where can you smoke? You might want to try these popular spots.

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1. The Highline

The Highline is a newer addition to NYC. It stretches across 1.45 miles and is elevated through the city’s skylines. The walkway does have a lot of foot traffic, but who can resist a good smoking session above it all between the skyscrapers?


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2. Christopher Street Pier

This is an option on Manhattan’s west side. Boasting a beautiful view of the skyline as well as the Hudson River, the views are irreplaceable. It does tend to get a little crowded during the day, so if you want to avoid the masses, maybe a night smoke is the best route.

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3. Bowery Ballroom

There is a smoking area outside of the Bowery Ballroom. This can be the perfect place to step out for a nice relaxing break. Keep in mind that Bowery Ballroom does have a strict no re-entry policy which means you’re not allowed back in once you leave. Be sure to stick to the smoking area balcony to avoid issues. This is a great option if you’re looking to chill out to some music at an amazing venue.


4. Jacob Riis Beach

While beach-goers often overlook this destination, Jacob Riis Beach is not one to miss. In fact, it’s considered one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Rather than visiting here, most tourists choose to go to Coney Island or Brighton Beach – which are both amazing – but leave a ton of potential right here. Though, it is a bit more secluded and may be harder to get to if exclusively relying on public transport. If you can make it, it’ll be a smoke sesh with a view.

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5. Green-Wood Cemetery

Not for the faint of heart, Green-Wood cemetery can seem a bit weird at first glance. In all actuality, this is a beautiful park, and best of all, you can smoke here. This spot holds quite a bit of history so if you’re there, may as well take a stroll and read some of the headstones. You’ll find a few famous names, including artists and musicians.


6. Coney Island

While it’s quite the tourist magnet, don’t overlook Coney Island. If you’re not too afraid of the crowds, it can be quite a magical experience. They are known for legendary hotdogs, minor league baseball, and of course, roller coasters! There is something for everyone, including tokers.

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7. Food and Smoke

Foodies rejoice! There are a ton of options when visiting NYC. If you’re looking to smoke and go out to enjoy the scenery and food, you need to visit a few places. They include S’Mac in the East Village which boasts a plethora of cheese and mac and cheese., Don’t forget Tompkins Square Park and ChinaTown for other delicacies to enjoy while smoking.


8. Staten Island

One option is taking the ferry over to Staten Island, which departs twice an hour from Manhattan. There, you will find epic views of the Statue of Liberty and have plenty of space to walk and roam. Take the day to explore the island or stop and try some delicious Sri Lankan food.

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There is so much to enjoy in New York, both smoking-related and not. Everyone is different in what they enjoy doing while stoned and luckily, there’s something for everyone in NYC. You can take strolls in Central Park or one of the many other parks.


You might even add on a restaurant to round out the day. Craving Italian? German or Irish? You name it and there are high odds it’s right around the corner for you! There are endless things that can work in conjunction with your other favorite activity – smoking! Just keep an eye out for New York’s ever-changing marijuana guidelines.

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