Wesley Lopes pronounced dead of ‘heart attack’ comes back to say he’s ‘very much alive’ 

 May 17, 2022

A Brazilian footballer Wesley Lopes who plays in the Romanian league has confirmed he’s ‘very much alive’ after reports spread this morning that he had collapsed and died from a heart attack while playing on the pitch.
Lopes, who is the all-time leading foreign goalscorer in Romanian football with 62 goals to his name, this morning, was peddled around Romanian media that he suffered a heart attack at training and died. But he has now come out to deny and slam the reports.
Speaking to Romanian website, ProSport, Wesley Lopes said;
‘I heard that somebody killed me. What a joke! ‘I am better and healthier than ever. Even now I am with my wife and my son and we feel good. I do not know where this bad news came from. I think someone wanted to make a joke.’ I am very much alive’
‘Calm down! Wesley’s got long to live.’

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