#ziPhiGirls Big Nuz’s Mampintsha is feeling alone. ziPhi IGirls 

 May 18, 2022

 It’s just less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day, and Big Nuz’s Mampintsha is feeling alone.
The Big Nuz member’s love life made the headlines three months ago when it was rumoured that he was head-over-heels in love and getting cosy with a 22- year-old student.
Mampintsha denied the reports at the time, with the student saying they were just good friends, but it seems there may still be a heart-shaped hole in Mampintsha’s life.
The musician took to Instagram this week to write a heartbreaking message, which alludes to his loneliness.
“I miss having someone that cares about what I did yesterday, what I’m doing right now, and what I’m going to do tomorrow,” he wrote.
Well, Mampintsha, if you ever need that hot line bling, I’m sure we can find you someone!
*Opens Tinder*
Source:The Juice
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